Please donate now to provide nutritious food to families struggling to put enough food on their table

Help us collect, sort, prepare and distribute 140,000 pounds of healthy food to our neighbors

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Every donation you make to Our Place allows us to offer nutritious food to 2000 different people each year. Some families only need our help once or twice a year when there is an unexpected expense such as a car repair or an illness that leads to less income. Other families need supplemental food each month so that their children are not hungry.Many people who have become physically disabled are living on less than $1200 a month. These folks need our help so that they are not

Your support allows us to collect, sort, purchase, prepare and distribute about 140,000 pounds of food each year. We strive to offer the most nutritious food possible including donated items such as frozen meat, bread, fruit juice and more than 40,000 pounds of fresh produce from farms, wholesale distributors and the Vermont Foodbank. Every month we purchase milk, orange juice,cereal, soups and ingredients for the meals we prepare and serve in our dining room

Our Place employees and facilities are an essential part of the charitable food system that helps ensure people are not food insecure in southeastern Vermont. While we work to help people meet their essential needs, we are also collaborating with other organizations to inform, connect and take action on the issues and solutions that we believe will help reduce food insecurity in Vermont.

We are grateful for the support we have received from hundreds of people who donate the food and money required to operate Our Place , all of the volunteers who help pick up weekly food donations,unload trucks, wash the dishes and deliver bags of groceries to our senior neighbors. Thank you for helping us help our neighbors in need. Without your generosity , there would be many more hungry and hopeless people living in our community.

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